Experts in genomic data processing

Our team is made up of specialists in Molecular Biology and bioinformatics specialized in the processing, analysis and interpretation of large volumes of NGS data.

DNA and RNA sequencing

We analyze the data generated by our whole genome sequencing services such as de novo sequencing or genome resequencing projects either for the assembly or identification of variants such as SNPs, INDELS, etc. We also analyze the data from microbiome characterization projects in complex samples generated by our metabarcoding services. We accumulate extensive experience in functional genomics projects such as those that use our RNA sequencing services for example to elucidate the function of genes or in metatranscriptomics projects that seek to explain the metabolic pathways expressed by microbial communities under different conditions and the discovery of new enzymes with potential biotechnological use.

We provide detailed information

We offer complete and detailed reports not only for experts but for people not related to these procedures. These reports include all the data related to the processing of the samples, the bioinformatics procedures used (pipelines), the raw and analyzed data, providing possible interpretations and suggestions.

Secure data

We offer our clients unlimited storage for the data generated by their projects, fast and secure transfer and total confidentiality.