Experts in NGS

bioSEQs is a company made up of specialists in next-generation sequencing techniques.

Standard PCR

The most basic technique in Molecular Biology but at the same time the most versatile and with the greatest number of applications put at your service.

Quantitative PCR

qRT-PCR and ddPCR are PCR techniques that allow the quantification of DNA or RNA present in a sample, and for this reason, we have experts in the use of these technologies

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Experts in massive DNA and RNA
sequencing techniques

We employ the most modern DNA and RNA sequencing platforms such as Illumina, Oxford Nanopore Technologies – ONT and Pacific Biosciences SMRT – PacBio.

You can select the platform that best suits the requirements of your project.

We have lower performance platforms for small projects such as Illumina Miseq or MinION from Oxford Nanopore Technologies, up to higher performance platforms such as Illumina HiSeq (125-1500 Gb) and NovaSeq 6000 (134–6000 Gb).

Among the diversity of applications that we present you can find.

  • Complete genome sequencing in a short time
  • Sequencing of complex environmental samples, and the respective identification of species present
  • Resequencing of genomes to know point mutations
  • Sequencing targeting specific regions of interest
  • Sequence RNA with functional genomics and metatranscriptomic approaches such as:
    • RNA-seq transcriptomes for de novo sequence
    • RNA-seq gene expression to compare various experimental conditions and see differences at the whole transcriptome level
  • Paleogenomics to analyze old samples
  • Diagnosis of diseases
  • Epigenetics

After the analyzes you will be able to receive detailed and easily understandable reports of the information produced by these techniques.

Standard PCR, a basic but powerful technique.

PCR is a powerful tool in Molecular Biology due to its various applications such as:

  • Gene amplification and cloning
  • It is the basis of molecular marker techniques such as microsatellites
  • It is essential in the preparation of libraries for various sequencing techniques
  • Used for the detection of transgenic foods
  • Preparation of genetic constructions and generation of mutations.

qRT-PCR and ddPCR, the most modern quantitative PCR techniques

  • Do you want to do an experiment to determine what the expression of certain genes is like under two or more different physiological conditions?
  • Do you want to diagnose a viral or bacterial disease in your plants or animals?
  • Do you want to determine the amount of a certain microbe in a food?

These techniques that we put at your disposal allow you that and much more

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Wide range of services

Variety of Sequencing and Molecular Biology Services

  • Identification and characterization of genes by RNA-seq.
  • Identification and genotyping of SNPs and microsatellite markers.
  • Identification of species by DNA metabarcoding.
  • Detection, tracking and monitoring of microorganisms by qPCR
  • RNA sequencing to identify genes of agricultural importance

    RNA-Seq, a technique based on NGS useful to know which genes are expressed under different conditions

    Our RNA-seq service has several applications:

    • Discovery of new genes that regulate the traits that matter most to you for use in early selection
    • Quantification of the expression of these genes in the face of different environmental stimuli
    • Identification of variants in DNA to associate them with certain phenotypes and use them as markers in early selection
    • Identification of functional markers or biomarkers to identify the response of genome expression to different treatments
    • Knowledge of the response to biotic stress and its tolerance
    • Study of the interaction of the microbiome with your immune system

    The most modern molecular marker techniques at your service

    SNPs and microsatellites are the most widely used types of markers today due to their many advantages over other types of markers

    SNPs are the most common type of polymorphism and can be genotyped by automated methods.

    On the other hand, microsatellites are also relatively abundant, have a high level of allelic variation, present codominant inheritance, are easy to analyze, and the results are highly reliable and repeatable.

    Its simplicity and high reproducibility make it especially useful for the characterization of clones and varietal identification.

    Large-scale taxonomic identification of complex environmental samples

    Metabarcoding enables microbiome and environmental samples to be explored at a much deeper level than previously possible

    The applications of metabarcoding are almost endless, some of them are:

    • Verification of raw materials and food ingredients
    • Study of contaminating microorganisms in food
    • Characterization of the soil microbiome
    • Characterization of the gut and skin microbiome of animals and humans
    • Characterization of the microbiome in fermentative processes

    Detection of specific microorganisms in tissue samples

    With high specificity we can detect infections in plants and animals caused by viruses, viroids, bacteria, mycoplasmas, fungi

    Service based on the use of qPCR, a highly specific technique, based on the detection of a nucleic acid segment of the species under study. Among its advantages are:

    • It is a fast and profitable assay
    • Easy to use, intuitive and universal sample preparation
    • Very effective, capacity for quantification and multiple processing
    • Very versatile, numerous areas of application
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    Agriculture and food

    Plant-Soil Systems, Water quality, production chains, fermentation processes

    Agriculture and food

    We provide various services to the agriculture and food sectors. Among them the diagnosis of diseases by qPCR, the characterization of germplasm with molecular markers, the identification of markers of traits of agronomic importance for their use in early selection and the use of modern DNA barcoding and metabarcoding techniques to analyze the microbiome in complex soil samples, canned foods, in drinking water and irrigation water, in food production lines or in probiotic products, and much more, all in a single analysis and quickly.


    Animal Health and Genetics

    Personalized services for farms, livestock, fish farms and veterinary clinics

    Animal Health and Genetics

    Services specially designed for this sector that include the diagnosis of diseases caused by microorganisms by qPCR, the molecular characterization of groups of wild animals or elite genotypes with molecular markers, the identification of genes of traits of agricultural importance through RNA-Seq and the use of DNA barcoding and metabarcoding to analyze the microbiome of the intestinal tract of mammals, birds and fish to make recommendations on the most suitable diets, among many other applications.


    Pharmacy, Parapharmacy and Cosmetics

    Determination of dermal Biomes, bioproduction, magistral formulas

    Pharmacy, Parapharmacy and Cosmetics

    We can determine an individual’s microbiome to create personalized skin therapies or treatments. Identify new molecules and enzymatic activities with potential use in the production of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products and assist in the creation of magistral formulas.